Monday, January 31, 2011

Danza Indonesia at the #Tropentheater

As I become involved with the #Tropenmuseum and #Indonesia, I sometimes get information that I love to share. February 6 there will be a performance of modern Indonesian dance:

Highlights from 10 years of modern Indonesian dance

In this performance six talented traditional Javanese dancers experiment with a new body language from the rich Javanese tradition en morph this into modern dance. On music by Ligeti, Rahayu Supanggah and Dedek Wahyudi they present most beautiful solos and duets from their repertoire.

It is about top dancers like Agus Margiyanto, Cahwati, Martinus Miroto, Retno Sulistyorini and Heru Purwanto (replaces Rury Avianty). All have performed here before but in a completely different setting.

Danza Indonesia offers an amazing control and surprising choreographies where traditional moves and modern dance idiom fuse into an exciting amalgam. Mirogo will function as the dramaturge and ensure that the cohesion of the individual parts. Iskader Loedin will provide appropriate lighting.

A presentation as part of the Wild Wild East Festival

Note: it is possible to conclude the world dance performance by enjoying the delicious world buffet, including a drink, in the CafĂ© Restaurant Soeterijn of the Tropentheater. You pay only € 36,50 in total (€17,50 for the buffet and a reduced rate for the performance). Reservations available through 020-568 8500

This shows that Indonesian dance is not only for tourists. Its idiom finds its way in the world of modern dance and the classic Indonesian dance styles are alive and well.
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