Monday, January 31, 2011

My #Europeana

When you promote a service and the application it runs on, it makes sense to use it as well. The procedure to create my own "my Europeana" profile is easy. At the moment I am interested in everything Batak and Europeana does not disappoint. There is music, scripts, film, photos... all from different European GLAM's and all pointing back to these GLAM's where rich annotations are available.

When you search a subject like "Batak" on Google, you will find literally everything that can be found on the Internet. With Europeana there is no duplication, you find all relevant material that is digitised and available from European GLAM's.

What does disappoint is that many of the texts in Europeana are not translated. It makes for instance sense to promote Waisda in Dutch as it is a Dutch language project only. In a way it makes sense, you have to have a platform and a community that allows for crowd sourced translations and as the number of languages in Europeana is high, it must be hard to maintain a semblance of classic quality assurance.
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