Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#openZIM is not supported here

The off line reader for #Wikipedia will be based on openZIM. Now openZIM is one of several formats that are actively maintained for use in off line readers. One of them has been specifically developed for use with Indic languages and others like Okawix and WikiReader are internationalised and are localised in many languages.

A choice has been made for a tool that has no obvious qualifications to support the over 270 languages supported by Wikipedia.

The good news is that at we are quite happy to support competing applications. As we reuse existing localisations for new applications, openZIM may even benefit from the work that has been done on off line readers.

So Wikimedia Foundation, it is not obvious why you support openZIM. OpenZIM is not supported here but that can be remedied when you care for supporting all the languages of Wikipedia.
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