Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The #Wikimedia #fundraiser is done. Its #localisation is not

On every #Wikipedia page, Jimmy was appealing to you to help with its mission. During the 2010 fundraiser, it was vitally important that its message was loud and clear in any language. That, his piercing eyes and maybe a bit of gratitude for what Wikipedia delivers made for a big success.

Now that the fundraiser is over, the words of thanks have been said, there is a more modest appeal from the sidebar.  An appeal with the same message.

In MediaWiki and at translatewiki.net, the development and the localisation of the software goes on. This means that during the year more languages will become ready to handle this appeal. During the year more chapters will get ratified and get ready to raise funds not only for the Foundation but also for themselves.

Our fund raising effort is concentrated only on the annual fund raiser. However the sums of money we receive during the year are quite significant. The localisation of the "Donate Interface" and the "Payflow Pro Gateway" extension does continue and we should update the fund raising message for the rest of the year as well.
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