Monday, January 17, 2011

#Wikimedia Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation

When the Dutch Wikimedia vereniging applied for non-profit status, it had a good look at the juridical obstacles for transferring money to the Wikimedia Foundation. It boiled down to the fact that taxes have to be paid unless the money is going to a recognised charitable organisation.

This was discussed with the tax-office and they preferred to do the paperwork for both the vereniging and the foundation at the same time. At the anniversary of Wikipedia, there was an extra general meeting to change the statute of the Dutch chapter that would modify the statutes as required from us by the tax-office.

As far as I am aware it is possible for the Wikimedia Foundation to become a European non-profit organisation...

2011-01-15 wmnl ten 03

It was a great meeting, short to the point, informative and friendly. We had a visitor of the canine persuasion, Noor, who brought her boss who is visually impaired. At the last meeting one of our members brought a sign language interpreter for him to follow the conversation... Truly everybody is welcome to be a member of our vereniging and visit our meetings.
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