Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vector/Rollout checklist

Now that Vector has been rolled out to all #Wikimedia Foundation Wikis there is still a need to check out if everything is as it should be. Amir asked on a mailing list for a list so that he could check things out.

Amir got the list all right, Kaldari was really happy to oblige. But as this list has "only" 787 entries, it is a bit much for Amir to check them all out manually. It would be really cool if you help out by checking out Wikis in a language that you know.
  1. On some sites, the custom javascript that replaces the text of the Main Page tab is broken by Vector, causing it to look really big and weird. This has to be fixed in MediaWiki:Common.js per site.


Waldir said...

Good call, Gerard. I updated the Portuguese ones. I am unsure about what "logo correct" means for non-Wikipedia projects, since some projects had their logo updated, some had per-wiki changes, etc; it would be probably a good idea to have a footnote explaining what the status of the logos on each project is supposed to be.

Wizardist said...

Done for Belarusian (Taraškievica) Wikipedia as well :)