Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hans Rosling - about enriching #information

2012 - Time 100 most influential people
Mr #Rosling and #Gapminder are synonymous with bringing more awareness about the world we live in. If you do not know either of them, you should.

At Wikidata it is a given that you are free to work on the subjects you care for. There are many facts that can be included in Wikidata about Mr Rosling including the many awards he received.

The list at the English Wikipedia is impressive enough. When you want to add all this and related information to Wikidata, it quickly becomes interesting. Take for instance the Illis Quorum, it was introduced in 1784 by king Gustav III of Sweden. Currently it is awarded by the Government of Sweden and it is the highest award that can be conferred upon an individual Swedish citizen. It is awarded to seven people per year, on average.

Or consider the 100 most influential people according to Time. Mr Rosling is only one, who are all the others?

There are the awards the English Wikipedia is not aware of like the "Kunskapspriset"...

There is so much to do. It is good fun to do it. All in the name of "the sum of all knowledge".

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