Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wyniki wyszukiwania w #Wikidata

On the #Polish #Wikipedia, search results are now complemented with Wikidata as well. Only one line of code has been added at the very end of their MediaWiki:common.js and the people of Poland have in addition to the WMF provided search:
  • a link to Commons categories for a subject
  • a link to Wikipedia articles in other languages
  • a link to the Wikidata item
  • visualisation care of the "Reasonator"
  • more Wikipedia items than there are Wikipedia articles
The kids in Poland can now search for their "horsies", "kitty cats" and "doggies" in Polish and they will find a link to Commons and to the category for horses, cats and dogs.

Congratulations to the people in Poland and I hope many more Wikipedias will add this extra functionality.

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