Monday, December 02, 2013

#Wikidata complements #search in the #Italian #Wikipedia

The search results of the Italian Wikipedia is the first that is complemented with results from Wikidata. When you search for "Alain Danilet" for instance, you will find that there is no article about him in the Italian Wikipedia. What you do get is the following:
Alain Danilet Francia politico (1947–2012) ♂  R
As Mr Danilet is known in Wikidata, it will be shown that he is a French politician together with his birth date and the date of his demise. As more statements becomes available to more items, disambiguation will become easier when there are more Wikidata search results.

When you select the R the "Reasonator" will show you the information available in Wikidata.

Had there been a Commons category for Mr Danilet, a small   icon would have been included as well.

The Italians are first to have an improved search result. It will be interesting to learn how this will change the perception of Wikipedia. Obviously they now get a bigger share served of the sum of all knowledge.

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