Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela died II

this is NOT the Nobel prize
Nelson Mandela is one of the most admired politicians of our time. This picture has him with the trophy for the World Cup Football, a reward he did not win :). The number of awards, accolades, prizes, honorary degrees, citizenships he did win is staggering. So big that there is even an article listing them all.

You find these things when you work on the "concept cloud" for Mr Mandela. One of the many prestigious prices he received is the Jawaharlal Nehru Award. This award was presented to him by the government of India. All of the people who were awarded the prize are now linked to this award. Given the relevance of the people who won the award, it felt weird to add a new Wikidata item for one of them.

One other item that is there to be found is "Qamata". He is a deity of the Xhosa and, I have no clue what statements to add for him. I do not know what is sensible and does justice to the subject.

Thanks to the concept cloud, you can learn what Mr Mandela is associated with. Improving the quality of that information is my way of showing respect to a great man.