Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hans #Rosling - about enriching #information II

There are sources and there are sources. In a previous blogpost I mentioned the many awards granted to both Gapminder and Mr Rosling.

On the Gapminder website they are sufficiently grateful and mention the many awards. This should make it easy to register them in Wikidata as well. It should but not always.

Take for instance this one:
2011  - Grierson Award, Best Science Documentary - The Joy of Stats
The only Grierson award I can find is the "Dr. George Grierson Award" and it is an award for writers of outstanding works in Hindi Literature. One alma mater of Mr Rosling is St. John's Medical College and, it is based in Bangalore, but somehow I think it does not fit.

Or take the other award, the Gannon Award, it has been awarded at least twice and once to Mr Rosling but the information referenced on the Wikipedia article is no longer there.

I trust that Mr Rosling appreciates that it is important to ensure that the data about him on Wikidata is correct. With a little bit of luck we can cooperate and make the item that is about him and about Gapminder of the highest quality.

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