Monday, June 01, 2015

#Wikidata - Jos Panhuijsen a #Dutch #author

Mr Panhuijsen is a celebrated author; he received the F. Bordewijk Prize in 1959.There is no article for him on any Wikipedia and to be honest, I do not care that is not my game. It is for someone else to do.

Adding Mr Panhuijsen to Wikidata however is something that I do care about. He is one of three missing authors that received the Bordewijk Prize and now he does show on the Reasonator page in the timeline and as one in a list of sixty recipients.

Adding Mr Panhuijsen, van Beek and Simhoffer makes as much sense as having red links in Wikipedia. Even more so because they will show in any and all Wikipedia when used with the magnificent list tool created by Magnus.

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