Wednesday, June 03, 2015

#Wikidata - Jurandyr Noronha died in 2015

Mr Noranha died on 2015-05-10. Mr Noranha was active in the movie industry so he is known in the IMDB database.

People die all the time but with the list functionality Jura1 created a page for "Brazilian people who died in 2015" dead Brazilians have an added significance. Mr Noranha qualifies..

At issue is that while Mr Noranha is known to Wikidata, it still takes a person to make a manual statement about his final day. I have done that for a year but I find that I am falling more and more behind. I do not even make a statement for Mr Noranha to be a Brazilian.

One thing that is not motivating is that I KNOW that this information is there for Wikidata to be had. The wonderful people at DBpedia really want to share this with Wikidata. Not much happens and as it ism my enthusiasm is wavering and my precious free time that is in demand for other things as well..

So what to do..

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