Sunday, June 07, 2015

#Wikidata - what to do next

I stopped documenting recent deaths in Wikidata. I find I have withdrawal symptoms. It is the kind of work that is satisfying because you see the number of deaths in 2015 ever increasing. It is a challenge to keep up. The list that I used has grown by some 200.

I hope that the English Wikipedians who used to maintain their templates chose to step in to fill the void.

No, I will not tell my wife that I have more time to clean the house. I love Wikidata too much. However, I will do other things. Things were intervention makes a difference. It is great to have the tooling that Magnus created over time. For me it is the difference between doing something in a sane way and poking in the dark.

If there is one thing  many in the Wikidata community do not get it is that the time of volunteers is not cherished. There is no support nor understanding of the issues that exist. It is really ivory towery oh, oh, oh, the data is not good enough ... Let's move on and wait for the latest and greatest to magically appear. The "paper cuts" do not happen except for the hurt. There is no support for maintenance of the data and consequently the dead of 2015 are the least of our concern.

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