Sunday, January 16, 2011

A fabulous gift from the #AmsterdamMuseum

#Wikipedia had its party in the Amsterdam Museum. It was a full program with a #Hackaton, a chapter meeting and a party. The highlight of the party was the gift of a memory stick with a collection of 50.000 digitised images. Many of them are available in a high resolution.

In answer to my question "If you were to choose one picture out of your collection, a high resolution picture that I can propose for featured picture status what picture would it be?"

Birds eye view on Amsterdam - Cornelis Anthonisz. - 1539

This  painting of the oldest map of Amsterdam was commissioned by the city council and hung for a long time in the city hall. The north where now the Central Station is situated is at the bottom. It is clearly visible that Amsterdam was a walled city situated in an area with many waterways and at the mouth of the river Amstel. Churches, monasteries and city gates were the most remarkable buildings. The number of inhabitants in 1538 is estimated at 12,000.

As the picture that I received is less then the minimal size requirements, it is not wise to propose this picture at this time. It would have been really sweet to have proposed this on the 15th.
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