Monday, September 05, 2011

#Localisation rally for #MediaWiki and #Kiwix

The Dutch #Wikimedia chapter sponsors regularly to run a translation rally. Such a rally serves multiple purposes;
  • to bring the necessity of localisation to the front
  • to support the localisation of MediaWiki and Kiwix
  • to make the MediaWiki projects more usable
Internationalisation and localisation together make it possible for software to be used by people who do not understand the default language used for the User Interface of software. When these two factors are an integral part of software development like they are for MediaWiki, it becomes possible to support Wikipedia in over 270 languages.

The translatewiki rallies give an additional incentive to our localisers to do a little bit more. Many languages, including big ones like Spanish or Hindi can do with more effort. Both languages are used as "fall back" languages when the localisation of a language is not adequate but they need to be complete to do their job.

MediaWiki does gain relevant functionality over time; off line support with Kiwix and mobile telephone support now integral to MediaWiki are recent examples. This support is not restricted to Wikipedia, it is available to Wikimedia and non-Wikimedia projects alike.

You can join in the fun of the rally, you can make the user interface in your language more usable. The info can be found here but all your contributions are welcome for any and all the projects we support at translatewiki.

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