Friday, September 16, 2011

MobileFrontend is #MediaWiki release 1.17

The  #mobile gateway has been replaced and it is running live. What is relevant is, that Wikipedia runs MediaWiki release 1.17. This is a patched version of the official release but it is release 1.17.

This factoid is relevant for people running their own MediaWiki project. It is more then likely that they can benefit from native support for mobile phones as well. When you consider how fast mobile traffic of Wikipedia is growing, it is a potential boon for any and all MediaWiki projects. It starts with installing the MobileFrontend extension and there may be some configuration issues to tackle as well.

We may all have wish lists for improved support for mobile phones. What I would like to see is something like the Djatoka software . I blogged about Djatoka in March 2010 however there are other similar solutions. It only sends images sized to fit on a screen. Given the cost of mobile bandwidth, it would be a money saver for our readers.

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