Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do to fix #MediaWiki #language bugs

When we know what issues need to be addressed, we analyse them, we categorise them and then we ask who wants to fix them. It sounds simple and actually, it is a great way to get more people involved.

A bug triage has been held for the second time and this time two new people demonstrated their interest in working on language issues.

The process is quite cool; Siebrand really explained the issues in a bug, he indicated what skill level is needed and, what benefits there are to solving a bug. Bug 16175 for instance has to do with the EditPage.php class, something Roan qualified as nasty and Bawolff as something that scares him late at night.. Fixing it may result in a need for many new messages that need urgent localisation. The upside is that it is a great introduction to some of the hard parts of the MediaWiki code.

Not everything was hard; some people indicated that they wanted to get involved without working on code. For them there were changes to the language of messages, the documentation of messages. The bug triage truly provided quite diverse opportunities.

As the people participating was quite diverse, the hour reserved for the triage ended with a discussion on a schema change. This high level discussion was nice because of the pragmatic way the consequences were discussed. A log of this triage has been published. Read it, it may whet your appetite to get involved in MediaWiki and language support.

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