Sunday, September 18, 2011

A tale of two cities

I met Fahraan, she is Kurdish, she speaks #Sorani and #Dutch. Fahraan is a refugee and has too much time on her hands.

Sulaymaniyah and Almere are two cities important to her; in Sulaymaniyah she was born and raised and she is now living in Almere. As a consequence, there are people in both cities that know Fahraan.

Fahraan often tells the story of her two cities. About Almere in Sorani and about Sulaymaniyah in Dutch. The suggestion for her to write proper articles about these cities intrigues her. The existence of a Wikipedia in Sorani was a revelation to her.

Teaching someone like Fahraan to edit Wikipedia is cool. She will improve her Dutch and she will write in Sorani. Teaching a group of people like Fahraan is even better; even when only one person writes the occasional article the smaller projects will be happy to welcome her.

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