Monday, September 26, 2011

The #Wikimedia deployment window

There are several teams of #MediaWiki developers. The work done by a team is often related and consequently it makes sense to deploy new and amended software together.

Deploying code is an art in its own right. At the Wikimedia Foundation it is very much an art for those people who have advanced skills in software review. When software goes live, it may work in a test environment but at Wikipedia it hits high traffic. This can break code and the persons who deploy are all too aware of this little gotcha.

The Localisation team has its own deployment window and the team is informed about what is planned to release. They can comment, add to it and even remove items from the list. For your amusement, this is this weeks list:
We have planned for the following code to be deployed. I suggest we
only put it in 1.18wmf1, and do not backport it to 1.17wmf1 to reduce

Contains revs (all reviewed - tag can be removed when backported/deployed):
97606 - Narayam bug fix in keybuffer
97609 - Narayam Nepali update
97644 - L10n fix for upload wizard
97793, 97804 - Number grouping updates for many Indic languages
97962, 98006 - More flexible Language::formatTimePeriod()
97982 - WebFonts for Sanskrit (WebFonts is not yet deployed on
Wikimedia, we need to plan for that. How? - backport to 1.18 in any
98023 - Babel i18n bug fix

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