Wednesday, September 07, 2011

#Localisation for your language on one map

At we are experimenting with Semantic MediaWiki. One of the features is the use of maps. We have implemented this for the language portals; in this way people can see where the localisers for a language can be found like in the example below for Hindi.

As you can see, only two of the localisers for Hindi entered their location on their user page. It shows how we change things, we include a new mechanism or thingie and, as it gains appreciation the data shown becomes more inclusive.

One challenge I am now facing is how to have a map with the people who completed their 500 localisations for the rally.


Naveen Francis said...

I thought you are taking about localisation of Openstreepmap :-)

GerardM said...

We use the tools that work inside MediaWiki because that is what powers The mapping tool is using Semantic MediaWiki.