Monday, September 12, 2011

#Agile the process works !!

The "stand-up meetings" of the Wikimedia L10N team are great. Every day in the European morning we learn briefly about the latest developments, the work done, the work planned for the day. .

Stand-up meetings are part of the agile / scrum software development. They are great because you learn about what the current issues are.

What you are looking for is how things like stand-up meetings are worth their time. We wrestled with support for Narayam in the Chrome browser. Amir was fixing an issue with searching strings and was struggling with Chrome as well. Thanks to the stand-up meeting we learned early on that both Narayam and WikiEditor Search are likely to suffer from the same underlying issue.

The amount of time saved is a benefit. The real benefit is that it helps us to become more of a team. A team that understands that everyone in the team is a resource that can be drawn upon.

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