Thursday, September 15, 2011

Professional #localisation at

When you are going to implement an Open Source application, there are no warranties. When the usability needs improvement, you can pay for improvements or, you can scratch your own itch.

Mifos is going to be implemented in Andhra Pradesh. The easiest and most obvious usability improvement is localisation and as you can see from the graphic for Telugu localisations, a lot of work was done in an extremely short period of time by Avshyd.

When so much work is done, it is always of interest to how this was done.Was it a one-man show or were multiple people involved. Was there any quality control and finally what do the users think. As Mifos is implemented in Telugu, there will be people working with the software and they can complain when the localisation needs improvement.

At we are happy when our localisations are used. We are happy when people come to us and do the work for their own reasons. In the case of Mifos, it will mean that many more people will have access to credit, microcredit at that but it is a huge step up.

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