Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fifteen minutes of fame

I was on national television, in the public. A weekly talk show where subjects that are in the news are discussed. The show picks its guests carefully, the discussion leader and presenter Ghislaine Plag is adept in leading discussions. This makes for an interesting, lively and informative program.

Looking back, there are two things I find of interest to my public. The Wikipedia article on Ghislaine does not have a picture of her. Please, if you or your agent reads this consider donating a quality picture on Wikiportret.

A program like "Rondom 10" is similar to Wikipedia in its attempt to bring a neutral point of view. The success of the program relies on its choice of subjects that are in the news. The success of Wikipedia is in its ability to provide background information to the news. The biggest Wikipedias cover almost everything and concentrating on providing background information to what is in the news is probably the best strategy to grow relevant and well read encyclopaedic content.
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