Friday, September 03, 2010

A university outreach project for $ 14,933,-

The "Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010" competition has come and gone. Ninety participants of 10 universities of the greater Jakarta area competed for the chance to go to Wikimania in Gdansk.

The project is done, Kartika Henry is back from Poland and the reporting on the project is amazing. It really makes me wonder what could be done with a budget of $149,333,-- in Indonesia. It would be money well spend, it would change the face of the Indonesian Wikipedia and it would grow the number of articles, the number of frequent editors and the traffic of the Indonesian Wikipedia dramatically.


serenity said...

He he, thanks Gerard *wink*

Prasetyo said...

what could be done with a budget of $149,333,-- in Indonesia?
Simply ten times as much :)