Sunday, September 19, 2010

Introducing: the "nightmare star"

nightmare barn star
#Wikipedia has its barnstars, #MediaWiki does not have a way of showing appreciation. At we show our appreciation for LiquidThreads for instance by using it. We care about supporting software by running its bleeding edge.

The value of localisation can be appreciated by giving it a value. For instance when the work of a developer is 100, the work of a localiser can be thought of as 1. Some simple arithmetic has the value of much of the localisation done higher then the development itself..

Siebrand makes it its policy to quietly work behind the scenes to get best results and only when this fails he will let his displeasure be known. Given that FlaggedRevisions is on trial at the English Wikipedia, given that there will be a vote to continue the use of the software this is surely an argument against the software.

Prior to the process of publishing localisations there is a lot of Quality Control work done. When people no longer care, the quality will suffer even more.

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