Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where is what National Highway in #India

#Wikipedia needs to be updated to the new names wrote Shiju Alex. The response was interesting; "we have completed the rename on the English Wikipedia" and a pointer to this beautiful work in progress of a map of the Indian National Highways by Arun Ganesh. The text explaining what is being done is wonderful.

There has also been a call to work on the National Waterways of India. This is part of a "project of the month" that aims to get quality content that is currently very much missing on the Wikipedias important to Indians. I did some reading on the subject and I found this map on Commons.

I love maps because they show what is hard with words to tell. I love the notion of the many Indian Wikipedias working together. When these maps are also available in the SVG format it will be relatively easy to translate the texts in the maps. There are people who help convert maps and other illustrations to SVG, they can make it not only an Indian collaborative project but even an international collaborative project.. Eh, right, this IS Wikipedia.. :)
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