Friday, September 17, 2010

Serving #Flash with #Gnash

Gnash is the free implementation of Flash. Gnash is one of the projects that is deemed vital as it prevents people to have a completely Free system. It is vital because Flash is used for many applications that are really popular like Youtube it is also used a lot for educational software.

The inability of using Flash in MediaWiki is considered by most to be problematic. Having met Rob Savoye, I learned the first things of Flash and Gnash. Gnash is used widely, it is used for OLPC and it is used in many embedded systems. I expect that what Gnash serves, a Flash client can display.

We do not want to use Flash to serve content, but we can use Gnash in stead. We can advice people to use the Gnash software for best results. This would in my opinion save the cabbage and the goat from the wolf :)
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