Thursday, September 23, 2010

About sheep and pictures of sheep

A Dutch sheep with a lamb on a levee
This is what sheep look like. They are the sheep that are part of the Dutch landscape. Sheep belong on the Dutch levees as much as the ditch behind them to take care of the underseepage. With their four golden hoofs and their golden mouth they protect the surface of the levee for when the water rises.

Albanian sheep
Sheep in other parts of the world are different. Sheep with horns, a fleece that is so different. It makes it completely obvious that there is no definitive picture of a sheep. We need a picture that shows what a typical sheep looks like for the people who will read their sheep article.

Are these the typical sheep?
When articles use a representative picture of what a subject looks like for its audience, it is most effective. This is why we need pictures of African sheep, Asian sheep, European sheep and American sheep. I understand they have sheep in Australia too..

Australian merino
Showing such diversity of sheep in the Wikipedias, having pictures of the typical sheep in Commons will make both more effective. When we have typical sheep, we can follow up with cows, dogs, churches, farms ..

This is an other side of localisation.
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