Thursday, September 02, 2010

About openness and transparancy
It is annoying when other people tell you what to do. It is even worse when they do not listen to the arguments why things became in a certain way.

My communications to the Language committee are not open for public scrutiny. That is not that special as there are many WMF communications that are confidential.

One conversation with a person subscribed to the internal-l told me: "it is common practice to post on foundation-l when the subject does not need to be confidential and, that it should be posted to foundation-l as well".

This practice is flawed because of a number of people who refuse to enlist to the foundation-l. The consequences are twofold. First of all things do not get posted to foundation-l and secondly, their contributions are kept secret without a reason.

To me it is obvious that nothing will change. But the people who are on internal and not on the foundation list and bitch can buy me the t-shirt.. I prefer one in the XXL size.
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