Friday, September 17, 2010

Have a good idea, may have the money to realise it!!

The #Wikimedia Deutschland posted on their blog an invitation to spread the word that they are looking to realise the communities fondest wishes. To make sure that the ideas are indeed what the community is looking for, the jury consists of community members so that is also well taken care off.

WissensWert – Wikimedia Deutschland fördert mutige Ideen

The one thing that may be problematic is that proposals have to be in German. The rules and other intersting stuff can be found here..

Spending money is not easy; you have to have an idea, then you have to make a plan and it does not end with executing a plan; there is always the reporting. I have some ideas, I could even mangle the beautiful German language and be understood.

  • 5000 € to invest in the realisation of the SignWriting extension. This will prepare the way for Wikipedias in sign languages (among them Gebaerdensprache :) )
  • 5000 € for a photo competition in Indonesia. We have too little great pictures about the modern Indonesia.. Hmmm there are more countries that would do better with more pictures
  • 5000 € for the inclusion of the Batak script in Unicode AND the realisation of a free font
I am sure that you can think of even more ideas ... finding someone who knows how to write German is not that hard either ... Not only Germany is full of them.

Finally I want to congratulate the German Verein with this worthwhile idea.
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