Thursday, September 23, 2010

IRC chat with #Wikimedia CTO Danese Cooper

Danese getting her message out on IRC
The log of the long awaited and now that it has come and gone IRC meeting with Danese can be found on Meta. It is tough to read, because it is dense with many questions and answers all mixed together. The suggestion is that now that she has become familiar with the many issues, there will be an increase in communications from Danese and the technical team.

Some of the highlights:
  • new people hired will be to fix single points of failure
  • uptime is to rise from around 99% to 99.999% over the next five years
  • the wish for agile programming practices is one of the reasons why restricted grants are less welcome
  • a "Bugmeister" will be hired, this is one way of getting the backlog of software waiting for review processed
  • more people will get code review privileges
  • there will be a hackathon in Washington DC
  • there will also be a "data summit" I wonder if OmegaWiki will be considered
  • Erik and Danese will go to India to learn first hand about issues that need resolving
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