Monday, September 06, 2010

Motivating is best done by making it fun

Research shows that the top motivation for contributing to Wikipedia are motivation and fun. Fun is the biggest motivator but as importantly, only fun has the potential to increase contributions.

The good news is what motivates us, bringing free knowledge to every man, woman and child does not stand in the way of having fun. The use of free software does not stand in the way of having fun.

So lets have more fun.

What can we do to make Wikipedia more fun. We can provide the kind of data that is meaningful to individuals like how much their articles are read. We can make communication among us easier. There is so much we can do and have fun.

Making things more fun will have us weigh secondary priorities differently. We will still need reliable servers and backups, great usability. We will still aim to double our reach as it is one of our strategic goals and you know, we are not the only ones for whom fun is important. It is one of the reasons why Wikia for instance is doing so well..

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