Monday, September 13, 2010

Pin the tail on the donkey

#Vlora #Albania was the scene of the "Free Software in Balkans 2010" Conference. I had the privilege and honour to be asked to present about Wikipedia. The Albanian Wikipedia can use many enthusiastic new editors and with a request for a Wikipedia in Gheg waiting to happen, I created a presentation about how to create a fun Wikipedia that actually gets a lot of traffic.

Vlora free software in the Balkans
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In the mean time there was this thing, Flora and Albania would I be able to find it on the map? Would the average person shopping on the Almere market be able to find it?

Thank you Sue, Kim and Casey for your inspiration

Are you able to find Albania on a map let alone Vlora? This question I asked my public and, I invited them to help us by producing many pictures for Commons and articles on our many Wikipedias.

Vlora is a relevant town, there should be encyclopaedic articles on it and its history. I will write some more about the conference in the days to come because many of the people were just amazing.
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