Sunday, September 11, 2011

nine-eleven revisited

This day ten years ago, I was in a shop that had a TV turned on. I saw a plane crash into a skyscraper. The consequences have been horrible. Nearly 3000 people died in this abomination, many many more died as a consequence of the wars that followed.

Today, ten years on, I met a local imam here in Almere. The date of the appointment was quite accidental but we did talk briefly about the September 11th attacks. It is horrible when you consider how a small group of fanatics were allowed to bring so much misery on all Muslims.

Wikipedia was another subject; the need for free and neutral information was considered very important. I may even quote my imam as he said: "the biggest challenge of mankind is ignorance and then illiteracy". We had a look at Wikipedia, both the Arabic and the Dutch Wikipedia, and found that articles that explain Morocco and Islam can do with a lot more tender loving care.

Bringing Muslims to Wikipedia does not need to be more then just reaching out. I indicated that I am happy to give some instructions in Almere. I truly do not care in what language they write, where they come from, their culture. What I care about is that we will grow the sum of available knowledge and share it widely.

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