Friday, February 21, 2014

#Reasonator does lists

What is the point of defining in #Wikidata the "is a list of" property when it does not provide a benefit. So far there was no point. With the latest functionality of the Reasonator, it shows what the list contains based on the definition.

Obviously that is not what the different Wikipedias may have in mind. Typically a list contains of existing articles and the odd red-link. Querying Wikidata will provide you with all items that conform to set criteria... all of them. It is the perfect list when all the items that should be on the list conform.

Obviously, many lists are incomplete because many items have not been populated with statements that make them show up. In the example, the English category "List of Indian film directors" is a great place to start adding the statements "instance of" "human", "occupation" "film director" and "country of citizenship" "India". This is what you can do using the AutoList. It results in what you can see above.

To make the result look pretty, there is FIST, this tool allows you to use the same category to add images that are available on Commons and are used in an image in a single click.

When you are really into a specific subject, these are great tools that help you set up basic information. Friends who know different languages can help open up the information in their language.

When there is no information about specific subjects, Wikidata is your best bet to make it widely available and, Reasonator is what makes it look good.

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