Saturday, February 15, 2014

Women's History Month, #India-2014

On March 8th several edit-a-thons will be held in India to celebrate "International Woman's Day". In preparation a list of women whose articles need to be created or expanded has been created.

When you look at it from a Wikidata perspective, the first thing is do they have an item. When you start from an English perspective, you can search for them using the Reasonator; all of the women mentioned now have an item.

WDQ is a tool that really helps; it allows you to query the number of Indian women in Wikidata. It provides a nice interface where you can construct queries. A constructed claim like (claim[27:668]_AND_claim[21:6581072]) can be used in yet another tool, the AutoList.

The AutoList provides much more informative results and, it has the added advantage that you can work with all the items on the list even when there are more than 500.

Both Reasonator and AutoList are great tools to coordinate multi lingual projects.

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