Thursday, February 27, 2014

#Wikidata - the #US secretary of #education

In Wikidata, we care about the items that have a relevance. It is why we care about the "United States Secretary of Education". Reasonator shows the incumbent Mr Duncan, the seal of the office, the topic's main category and in related media, pictures of the predecessors of Mr Duncan.

When you analyse the Wikipedia articles that are linked to this item, you will find that some of them are lists. A growing consensus in Wikidata has it that in order for them to be connected to the singular subject, we just have to ignore the fact that a Wikipedia calls it a list.

One consequence is that the label used for the language(s) involved will have to be singular as well. The one issue that may prove problematic is when there are Wikipedias that have both an article about the singular subject and an article that lists them all. This is however not really a Wikidata problem.

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