Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Digg drugs

I found this article on Digg, as you can see it is highly rated and, it seems to have its origin on en.wikipedia.

When you actually go to the article, the image is on Commons. It is the type of picture that paints a thousand words. Even better, it is in SVG, and there is a  Toolserver tool that helps you to translate the text in your languages. This was easier said then done because the word "Dependence" has fewer characters then "Afhankelijkheid". 
I installed Inkscape because the tools that I have on my computer did not work well for me. What I learned is that this is because of the orientation of the characters. With another orientation, the Toolserver tool would have had no problem. 

When you look at the labels in the text, you may agree with me that what is needed is mainly the translation in another language, something that should be possible from a dictionary resource like Wiktionary or OmegaWiki. OmegaWiki does have the ability to be queried. This opens up the possibility to show all the words in the language selected in the user preferences or the language of the page when the translations are available.