Sunday, December 21, 2008

Importing Tagalog messages

We are really happy at Betawiki with the steady growth of the Tagalog messages. AnakngAraw is really working hard. Because of the speed of his work, we had the impression that he was copying messages from the Tagalog Wikipedia. When you do this manually, it is a lot of work and, the Betawiki developers have the tools, the skills to do this much more efficiently.

Most important at Betawiki is the time of our localisers. We really want them to be as efficient as we can make them. By copying in these messages from the Tagalog Wikipedia, AnakngAraw is now free to spend his time on something else, for instance localising the messages of the many extensions we use.

One question I am left with, are there other projects that spend a lot of time localising that we are unaware of at Betawiki ? We would love to be more complete for any language...

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Anonymous said...

I'm from the Tagalog Wikipedia Community. Just a correction, AnakNgAraw is a she. You can see the Female symbol on her Tagalog User Page.