Monday, December 22, 2008

SignWriting and hand writing

When I write about SignWriting, I write about the script, how it can be used for any sign language and about the request for a Wikipedia in American Sign Language. The SignWriting mailing list has been focusing mostly on the development of the new implementation of the script and how it affects the software.

Lately there were more threads about how SignWriting is used in education and several posts were about handwriting. When you look at the many examples that were posted, you find that like any script there is room for a lot of individuality. There is a maturation process; people taking short cuts as they progress in ability. I am sure that the handwriting of deaf doctors is as hard to decipher as the handwriting of a hearing doctor :)

Here is an example done by Sandy Fleming and is in British Sign Language.


Sandy Fleming said...

Here's a sign-by-sign transcript of the story:

LongTimeAgo Scotland Hawick, cousin me, uncle me street justWalkingAlong. Circus carnivalComingTowards bothWatchItGoBy finished. Uncle askChild elephant see? ChildReply elephant what?

GerardM said...

Thank you for the translation / transcription in English :)