Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On the monthly Betawiki information

This month is the first where we can compare the statistical data for a whole year. What has proven itself a great invention are the "most often used" messages. These messages provide the basic support for MediaWiki, they are invaluable when you want to make a Wiki usable. Currently 102 languages support them up from 48 a year ago. The core messages are up from 50 to 64, the extensions used  by the WMF have grown from 11 to 26 and finally all extensions from 7 to 16.

What the numbers do not tell you is the escalating growth of our software. In November alone, the messages for all extensions went up by some 650 messages. It is only because of the continued commitment of the Betawiki community that so many languages are supported this well.

This has been an interesting year, we have had support from HIVOS to promote the localisation from languages in Africa, Asia and South America, Nikerabbit did a Finnish Summer of Code project, Siebrand is becoming more and more of a programmer and MediaWiki is still growing by leaps and bounds, FlaggedRevs and SUL are two of the biggest contributors to messages.

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