Monday, December 22, 2008

Why bother

Today when I came to Commons I found this:

Somebody bothered to warn me that an image was about to be deleted. What is the point if the image that is to be deleted will be deleted within a day? The assumption that the image is about VISTA is also wrong. The image involved is about Google Chrome, software that is Open Source.

The image demonstrates that Chrome does not support the Khmer Wikipedia well and, it was uploaded for people from Google to have a look at. I think a screen shot like that can be considered in our interest. Anyway, next time do not bother to warn me because there is no room to react. This is the image that was deleted. I am convinced that nobody will tell me that it is a "copyright violation" let alone that someone will tell me to remove it.

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Anonymous said...

Get a better screenshot maker. I would advise MWSnap.