Sunday, December 21, 2008

Modern technology

In the SignWriting world, it was this week very much about modern technology and the availability of it. The first thing was about video clips. Valerie found that it is possible to record video with a big compression rate.. She is inquiring the mailing list if this is useful. The other thing that met with a lot of interest is the favicon. So far the SignWriting websites did not have one and a discussion has started about what it should look like and how to implement such a newfangled oddity.

Adam Frost wrote that he has implemented a favicon on his website. I must say his blog is really interesting; I have added a subscription to my Google Reader. What makes it interesting is the mix of signing using a blog and writing in English. Adam uses video to capture his signing and he writes in English. He posts both together so I can appreciate what he is on about... and so can you. Have a look at his blog..


Adam said...

Thank you very much for your comment. I wrote some about this on my blog. :-)

Unknown said...
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