Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Srećan Božić

Today is Chrismas eve, for some countries Christmas has already started. I want to wish you all a happy Christmas from my blog. Many people on the SignWriting mailing list exchange their best seasons wishes by e-mail. The one I liked best this year was by Stefan Wöhrmann..

Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

Dear Gerard, all the best wishes to you for 2009. Thank you for writing about all the things that have kept you busy in 2008, and I hope that you will be able to continue writing through 2009.


Milos Rancic said...

Hvala, but you missed one two things. "Srećan Božić" is a correct form in Serbian and Bosnian, while not in Croatian (the correct form is "Sretan Božić"). At the other side, Bosniaks are dominantly Muslims, while Serbs has Christmas at January 7th :)

Vlad said...

Hvala Milos! Sretan Božić I Sretna Nova Godina!