Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A plugin for aditional support

I have added the "Linker button" to my blog. It allows you to discover more about some of the concepts that are used on my blog. In the screen shot you see information about publications for the concept "handwriting".

The terminology used is based on what can be found in This contains a really rich resource for biomedical terminology. It includes information like publications and authors from Pubmed (for the security conscious among you, Pubmed is seen here through the "Conceptweblinker").

The cool thing for me is that Wikiprofessional in its wiki part is based on the OmegaWiki mark I technology. We are currently working hard on making the data mining engine mindful of new concepts that are entered in the Wiki. When we have this working, I can make sure that all the concepts in my blog are known to the engine and in this way my blog becomes easier to understand for those whose English is not as good as mine.

The current terminology is quite extended. From the Conceptweblinker and from you can experience what can already be done for the English language Wikipedia. Given the terminology, it works best for those articles that are in the bio-medical domain.

When you are interested in having this feature enabled on your website or blog, just put this code snippet in the right place..

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

There is even a plugin for Firefox only at the moment...

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