Monday, December 01, 2008

Some OLPC news

The OLPC computer is not your average computer. It has proven itself a game changer; it was this system that ushered in a new category of computers. It is rugged, hard to break and easy to fix. It has the potential to get many people on this side of the digital divide because of its innovative approaches to computer hardware and software.

This is Samuel and me making a photo of each other. The really clever gizmo that is being demonstrated is a piece of plastic that is put in the right hand USB connector.

When you have a good look at this "view finder", you will see that this thing has been printed. Thin layers of plastic are overlaying each other making up this prototype. It is really clever and it makes using an OLPC system much more exciting to use.

The other thing is an Ethernet connector for the OLPC. This is particularly useful for those people who use the OLPC outside of a school environment.

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