Wednesday, May 07, 2014

#Polio is back

Polio is a decease that can kill, can cripple. It is not pretty, there is no upside and it is not necessary. We had a chance to eradicate this most horrible decease and it did not happen because some abused the trust people need in the people immunising. This was followed by the targeting of the people who went out in the campaigns to immunise kids.

Pakistan has taken steps to contain polio. People who want to travel abroad, will be immunised. This is to be applauded and, it should be compulsory to be immunised for contagious diseases.

Next to my passport, I carry a yellow immunisation passport. When asks I can show what diseases I am immunised against. It would be really good when such a passport was mandatory for any travel that crosses borders, uses planes or ships.

To the people who talk about the "right to refuse" I have only one point they have to deal with. Do they take it upon themselves to take full responsibility for the consequences of all people that have not been immunised? Really !!

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