Monday, May 26, 2014

#Wikidata - the game

With the Wikidata Game, Magnus did it again. He created a few games that are quite compelling. In a few days the games have generated more than 100,000 edits in Wikidata.

It is awesome. Many people make a big job light. We now know about 1,964,351 humans, this is up from 1,332,383 on April 20th. We know about 1,459,421 males, up from 760,616 and 260,521 females, up from 154,455.

When a game makes a difference in only a few days, it follows that making a game out of our issues will provide us with quick results. As important, it grows awareness of Wikidata, it shows people that we need their help and the numbers prove that games work.

The question is not only if people are interested in making games but as much if they find it in themselves to cooperate and produce more, better and integrated games.

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