Saturday, May 24, 2014

#Wikimedia-#Labs its script kiddies and its public

Labs is the home of many tools. These tools are often essential to workflows or they show people information that they cannot get in any other way. When you want to work on people who died in 2014, you use this script. When you want to have information about 土门岭村, a village in China, you use Reasonator.

Labs has three types of public; there are the heroes who develop tools, there are the people who use these tools to generate more data and there are the consumers of all the information that becomes available.

They all have one thing in common. For them to function Labs has to be operational.

When Labs is not always available, when the quality of service suffers, the tools will not get the exposure they seek. Script kiddies will not generate more data and the public will not share in the information that should be available to them.

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